COMMERCIAL: East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with Siemens Hearing Instruments to boost “patient referrals and achieve smarter working”.

The FT recently rolled out an audiology marketing partnership with Siemens Hearing Instruments to increase patient referrals by 80 per cent.

The initiative involved the development of marketing materials, communication strategies, a dedicated account manager and support for shows and presentations – designed to encourage patient referrals.

“It has been successful in achieving the primary objective of increased referrals, plus also delivered cost efficiencies and better working practice across the hospital and wider trust,” according to a press release from Siemens.

The FT developed marketing materials for its audiology department with the support of Siemens. This included leaflets targeting all local GPs and a specialist patient booklet.

The partnership also delivered improved working practices inside the audiology department, such as extending training of staff on Siemens’ tools AutoFit and UnityTM to speed up and streamline the product fitting process. Regular meetings with sales staff and leaner working practices were also introduced.

“We had very little understanding of marketing before gaining the help from Siemens Hearing Instruments,” said the trust’s Tina Beckham, audiology service manager.

“The whole trust has benefitted from cost efficiencies and streamlined working. Most importantly our direct referrals have increased by 80 per cent due to the increased awareness of our service.”

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