STRUCTURE: Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford Clinical Commissioning Group has been authorised but with 13 conditions.

The conditions imposed on the CCG by the NHS Commissioning Board are largely focused on domain 3 and factors relating to having “clear and credible plans” to deliver on the QIPP challenge.

The full list of its authorisation conditions are:

  • 1.3B: CCG governing body includes nurse and secondary care doctor
  • 1.4.2B: Positive feedback from LINks/local HealthWatch and other patient groups
  • 2.4.1B: Systems in place to convert insights about patient choice/s in practice consultations into plans and decision-making
  • 2.4.2B: Arrangements for handling concerns and complaints raised with the CCG, and actions taken as a result, are clearly communicated to the public
  • 3.1.1B: CCG has a clear and credible integrated plan, which includes an operating plan for 2012-13, draft commissioning intentions for 2013-14 and a high-level strategic plan until 2014-15
  • 3.1.1C: CCG has detailed financial plan that delivers financial balance, sets out how it will manage within its management allowance, and any other requirements set by the NHSCB and is integrated with the commissioning plan
  • 3.1.1D: QIPP is integrated within all plans. Clear explanation of any changes to existing QIPP plans
  • 3.1.1F: CCG plan sets out how it aligns with national frameworks and strategies, including the NHS Outcomes Framework
  • 3.1.4B: Where the area covered by the CCG is not on track to meet the plan for 2012-13, there is a clear and time-limited resolution path to recover
  • 4.2.1A: Governance arrangements in place to identify and manage different types of risk, including key risks to delivery of QIPP
  • 4.2.1B: Systems and processes for monitoring and acting on patient feedback, and particularly identifying early quality issues including safety
  • 5.1A: CCG has written agreements in place detailing the scope of the collaboration with other CCGs, with clear lines of accountability and decision-making processes
  • 6.4E: CCG can demonstrate that it has assessed the skills possessed by governing body members and has a plan to build governing body competencies/skills where required