PERFORMANCE: Frimley Park NHS Foundation Trust met its targets for MRSA and C. difficile last year but admits this year will be “challenging”.

According to the FT’s annual report on infection control, the trust reported two “post 48 hour” cases of MRSA bacteraemia in 2011-12, representing a 30 per cent reduction on the previous year.

The trust’s target for the 2011-12 year was “no more” than two MRSA bacteraemias.

Meanwhile it reported 15 “post 72 hour” cases of C. difficile infection against a contractual target of 28.

“This was a 46 per cent reduction in “post 72 hour” cases from 2010-11. The rate of 8.11 per 100,000 bed days was the lowest for acute trusts in the South East Coast,” according to the report.

But it went on to state: “The target reduction for MRSA bacteraemia for 2012-13 is challenging allowing only one “post 48 hour” case.

“The target reduction for Clostridium difficile infection for 2012-13 is challenging allowing only 14 “post 72 hour” cases,” it added.

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