FINANCE: Great Western Hospitals Foundation Trust was behind on its planned surplus by £811,000 at the end of February.

A report to March’s board said the cumulative position to the end of February is an actual surplus of £308,000 compared to a target surplus of £1.119m.

The trust is forecasting a year end surplus of £1.2m assuming “escalation continues at the current level, mitigation actions are delivered and NHS Swindon pay for activity above contract.”

The report said “escalation” due to higher than budgeted acivity levels was expected to have cost £1.5m by year end but this had been offset by £0.6m funding from NHS Wiltshire and £1m winter pressures funding from Swindon.

Despite the pressures, and a pay bill £4.1m above plan at the end of February, the report said the trust had overachived its year to date savings target of £14.7m by £45,000, mainly due to reductions in length of stay.