FINANCE: Changes to allocations and using reserves has improved the financial position of two clinical commissioning groups in Hertfordshire.

Herts Valleys CCG was £0.8m overspent at the end of month eight, which would have been a £2.5m overspend without the use of contingency funds. Its year end overspend is predicted to be £0.6m, assuming that it delivers on QIPP plans.

East and North Herts CCG is now underspent by £1.6m, compared with an overspend of £0.7m at the end of month seven.

Budgets for the CCGs had been adjusted to reflect the scope of services likely to be included in CCG’s responsibilities.

There is significant underspending with the independent elective surgery centre at the Lister Hospital which opened in October.

Board papers show an underspend to date of £2.2m - or 74 per cent of the expected total - across CCGs. However, activity is increasing although “some work may be commissioned from other providers to catch up”.