FINANCE: NHS Hertfordshire has overspent by nearly £1.4m already this financial year, with much of the overspend attributed to one clinical commissioning group.

The primary care trust has developed a new performance reporting system which breaks down spending into that “within the scope of CCGs” and other spending.

An overall overspend of £1.37m is made up of a £1.64m overspend within the scope of CCGs and a £270,000 underspend elsewhere.

The performance report said:”The overspend in scope largely reflects an overspend on acute commissioning and is split by CCG as follows: East and North Herts CCG £137,000 overspend, Herts Valleys CCG £1.14m overspend, Red House £6,000 underspend, and localities not currently assigned to consortia within Hertfordshire £797k overspend.”

It said a further £431,000 of overspend was not attributable to a single CCG.

It also explained how allocations had been calculated: “The CCG Shadow Board has agreed allocations to localities which have been calculated such that the allocations are a move towards each locality’s “fair share” of the CCG allocation. Each locality has then decided a methodology for calculating allocations at a practice level. Stevenage and West and Central practice allocations are based 100% on the fair share methodology. The other localities have opted to base practice allocations 50% on the fair share methodology described above, and 50% on last year’s allocations.”