FINANCE: NHS Hertfordshire has committed £1.7m of non recurrent funding on “ramp up costs” for a delayed treatment centre at the Lister Hospital

The “Surgicentre” will be run by company Clinicenta and housed at the East and North Hertfordshire Trust hospital. The opening of the centre has been delayed by six months.

The PCT said the funding was unrelated to the delay, and would have been incurred anyway.

NHS Hertfordshire’s board papers revelealed the primary care trust’s plans to spend a transitional fund - taken from 2 per cent top slice of its allocation - which must be signed off by NHS East of England. they say £1.7m of the transitional fund for NHS Hertfordshire for the 2011-12 has been approved for spending on “mobilisation and ramp up costs” for the centre.

A trust spokesman said: “The Lister Surgicentre is due to open its doors to patients from September.  We had originally hoped the service would be provided from April of this year and all partners involved – the Department of Health, NHS Hertfordshire, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and Clinicenta – have been working together to progress the project.

“There is clearly a good deal that has to be in place before a new service is up and running; this is not just about the building itself. We are pleased that the service will be open soon and that we have managed to keep the delay to a minimum.”