COMMERCIAL: The primary care trust’s plans for a £27m hospital development have been put before the NHS East of England board.

NHS Hertforshire’s business case for the new Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City says: “The new facility will provide a range of unscheduled care (including a local accident and emergency), diagnostic, and treatment services…”

The preferred option involves the construction of a fit for purpose, circa 6,200 square metre, building over two floors with the front of the building being four floors. The project will be built under the local improvement finance trust (LIFT) framework with the Assemble Community Partnerships LIFT Company.

The business case said Department of Health advisers had reviewed the plans in June 2010 and “their recommendations have been addressed”.

It added that a delivering quality healthcare for hertfordshire plan had set out that a key objective is “to move appropriate aspects of healthcare provision closer to home, away from acute hospitals to delivery in more local facilities, with local general hospitals (LGH) supported by a centralised acute care hospital”.

“These new facilities will provide a major focus of care, integrating some acute hospital care with primary and community health and social care. The model of care underpinning this vision will ensure that the majority of patient care is in a local environment closer to home and provides the health economy with the best use of its valuable resources.”