STRUCTURE: The full business case for the £30m redevelopment of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital site in Welwyn Garden City has been approved by NHS Hertfordshire.

The new hospital building is planned to open in August 2014 and would provide a “local A&E”; outpatients; primary care services; diagnostics including CT and MRI: and a number of other services.

Dr Jane Halpin, chief executive of NHS Hertfordshire said: “To develop the business case, the PCT called on a range of professional experts to ensure that plans are technically and financially sound and will be sustainable for the long term. The shadow CCG is also firmly behind the plans and GPs from its board have been working closely with the project team to provide valuable clinical input into the design.

She added: “The next stage is for the plans to be considered by the Strategic Health Authority in July and for the financial details of the plan to be formally approved later this summer.”