FINANCE: Clinical commissioning groups in Hertfordshire are spending far more planned - leaving the PCT as a whole overspent at the end of month six.

Spending within the CCGs’ commissioning budgets was overspent against plan by £5m, which was only partly offset by underspends of £3.8m elsewhere. Contingency reserves could be used to balance the overspending if it continues but would have to be replenished in 2012.13, a finance report to the board says.

Herts Valleys CCG is overspent by £3.1m and East and North Herts CCG by £1.8m. Even if available contingencies were used in Herts Valleys, it is still predicted to be overspent by £2.5m at the end of the financial year.  Much of the overspending is on acute commissioning with  potential shortfall in QIPP savings in this area of £14m.

However, in West Hertfordshire around a third of the area’s 69 practices stand to get a payment for reducing year-on-year emergency admissions by five per cent or more. Total payments could total £63,000.