WORKFORCE: Hinchingbrooke Health Care Trust has seen overall increases in staff vacancy rates and, in particular, a significant increase in the rate of vacancies for registered nurses.

The trust’s operational performance report said the registered nurse “vacancy factor” increased during January from 37.08 whole time equivalent to 41.77.

However the main cause of this was put down to an increase in the budgeted establishment. The report stated:”The increased establishment accounts for the majority of this increase in the vacancy level; the increase in ‘real terms’ is 0.81 wte. Further interviews for band 5 registered nurses are planned for February and March 2011.”

Regarding overall staff vacancy rates, the report said: “During January 2011 the vacancy factor increased marginally from 88.98 wte to 91.63 (5.81 per cent to 6.49 per cent of budgeted establishment).

It added: “However, the budgeted establishment has increased by 6.52 wte within the month. This increase mainly relates to elective orthopaedic surgery and supports the business case to undertake more orthopaedic procedures to generate further income.”