Published: 15/12/2005 Volume 115 No. 5986 Page 22 23

Never mind the Healthcare Commission, the real measure of managerial success is HSJ's Christmas quiz. Let our merry band of columnists test whether You have been naughty or nice. Answers on inside back cover


1 Who, in January, pooh-poohed HSJ's projection of a huge financial deficit in 2004-05, saying that there are predictions of deficits every year 'but none has ever proved to be accurate or well-founded'?

A Sir Nigel Crisp B John Hutton C John Reid

2 Which trust insisted that a£30m government bail-out in February, was not a reward for poor performance?

A Bradford Teaching Hospitals foundation B Mid Yorkshire Hospitals C South Tees Hospitals

3 Under the 2005-06 national tariff, how much is a knee replacement?

A£5,376 B Depends. NHS or private? C Unaffordable in our current financial situation; try again in April

4 Why was emergency care removed in January from the 2005-06 scope of payment by results?

A To give finance directors more time to implement a complex new system B Because of nervousness about the scale of financial deficits in the NHS C Fears of vulnerability on NHS finance during the forthcoming election

5 According to the National Audit Office, what profits did banks and property developers make from refinancing Norfolk and Norwich Hospital?

A£730,000 B£7.3m C£73m

6 How much did an average GP practice in England stand to gain from the new quality and outcomes framework in 2004-05?

A£27,040 B£51,006 C£74,299

7 Health secretary Patricia Hewitt said in June that the NHS will not need large spending increases after 2008. Why?

A Because whatever you want, It is already in the baseline B Because by 2008 all new investment will flow directly from the banks to foundation trusts and independent treatment centres C Because the Treasury needs the money

8 How did the former finance director of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital trust respond, in March, to the news that the NHS Leadership Centre had just lent the trust£1m in cash?

A 'We may have problems 'hiding' these...' B 'Oh bollocks...' C 'The money was resting in my account...'

9 How much is the forthcoming reconfiguration of primary care trusts expected to save?

A£250m B£250m less costs C Savings? Yeah, right


10 How much is a QOF point (unadjusted for prevalence) worth to an average GP practice in 2005-06?

11 How many separate quality indicators are there in the QOF?

12 What does APMS mean?

13 What is a UDA?

14 In the new pharmacy contract how many essential services are there?

15 What is a TAP?

16 Which two improvement reviews will the Healthcare Commission ask primary care trusts to undertake in February 2006?


17 By how much did the numbers of NHS specialist mental healthcare professionals increase from 1997 to 2004? Was it 5, 10, 20 or 25 per cent?

18 What does ADHD stand for?

19 Who is the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists?

20 How many different types of dementia are there: 2, 20, 37, or over 100?

21 At the last count how many clinical psychologists were there working in the NHS (to the nearest 500)?

22 After how long does a Mental Health Act section 4 admission of a patient for assessment in cases of emergency expire: 48, 72 or 96 hours?

23 What is the drug sildenafil more popularly known as?

24 In what year was Sigmund Freud born?

25 Whose lover was Psyche?


26 Which former public health minister gambled her career on casinos and longer drinking hours?

27 Which of Patricia Hewitt's puritanical Cabinet colleagues tried to replace Labour's compromise manifesto pledge to curb public smoking with a total ban?

28 Why did prime minister Tony Blair get into trouble over GP hours during the election? Because:

A He said they were too long B Too short C Patients couldn't always get appointments within 48 hours D He asked what GP stood for

29 Which newspaper editor spoiled her paper's campaign against domestic violence by being arrested for duffing up her husband?

30 Which Lib Dem health spokesman was once a professor of social policy?

A Paul Burstow B Steve Webb C Dr Evan Harris D Lembit Opik

31 Which Tory MPs offered voters patients' passports out of the NHS on 5 May, when they didn't really think they were a good idea?

A Andrew Lansley B Dr Liam Fox C David Cameron

32 Who did former health secretary John Reid pick a fight with because he thought they were trying to patronise him?

A John Humphrys B Al Qaida C Gordon Brown D Jeremy Paxman

33 Who won a highly marginal by-election in 2004 and was promoted to become a minister less than a year later?

34 Who told Tony Blair he should do the decent thing and resign immediately?

A Roy Hattersley B George Galloway C Michael Howard


35 Which medical organisation expressed concerns about nurse prescribing?

A British Medical Association B General Medical Council C The Red Cross

36 Which of the following has elected its first female president this year?

A Royal College of Surgeons B Royal College of Trichologists C Royal College of Radiologists

37 How many elected medical members sit on the 'new' GMC?

A 6B 19 C 52

38 What is the name of the British Association of Medical Managers' Leadership Programme?

A Hard to Beat B Your Turn Next C Fit to Lead

39 What is the top level of the advisory committee on clinical excellence awards?

A A plus B Platinum C Krypton

40 Who said: 'Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.' A George Bernard Shaw B Jeffrey Bernard C George Best

41 Who said 'money can't buy health, but I would settle for a diamond-studded wheelchair'.

A Madonna B Dorothy Parker C Sarah Jessica Parker


42 In the UK, how many HIV positive people are unaware of their status?

A 2,000 B 12,000 C 20,000

43 Which Weatherfield General Hospital nurse left town to co-habit with a new love in Liverpool?

A Florence Nightingale B Martin Platt C Julie Goodyear

44 Which Japanese game was welcomed by dementia specialists for helping keep minds active?

A Hara-kiri B Soduko C Yo! Sushi

45 Who is said to have decried actress Brooke Shields' use of medication to ease her postnatal depression as the work of the devil?

A Tom Jones B Tom Cruise C Thomas the Tank Engine

46 Which former Sex and the City star took the West End by storm, playing a quadriplegic who won the right to die?

A Kim Cattrall B Sarah Jessica Parker C Cynthia Nixon

47 How much did the NHS spend on food in 2005?

A£5m B£500m C£3.50