Published: 08/01/2004, Volume II4, No. 5886 Page 21

1The Commission for Health Improvement has published the indicators for this year's trust performance ratings, which claim to take into account comments on previous ratings and show more transparency.

www. chi. nhs. uk/eng/ratings/ 2004/index. shtml

2Consultation by the Department of Health on delegation of charging powers in partnerships between NHS trusts and local authorities in the provision of social care.

Responses deadline:12 March.

www. doh. gov. uk/ delegationchargingfunctions consult/index. htm

3Getting the Medicines Right , a King's Fund report, argues that the pharmaceutical industry is neglecting sections of the population, such as children and older people, in its research into new drugs.

www. kingsfund. org. uk/news/ news. cfm? contentID=217

4Cancer Research UK has put online what it claims is Europe's first database of evidence against the tobacco industry. It was originally provided to the Commons health select committee.

www. tobaccopapers. com

5Would the NHS benefit from a single identifiable leader, asks the British Medical Journal .Professor Chris Ham, US health guru Don Berwick and BMJ editor Richard Smith discuss.

http: //bmj. bmjjournals. com/cgi/content/full/32 7/7429/1421

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