Published: 05/02/2004, Volume II4, No. 5891 Page 20

1A report by the chief pharmaceutical officer on medication safety, providing guidance for health professionals and NHS organisations on prescribing standards based on reporting, analysing and disseminating lessons learnt from adverse events and 'near misses'.

http: //www. doh. gov. uk/ buildsafenhs/medicationsafety

2NHS Confederation survey demonstrating that managers are beginning to plan effectively for the implementation of the national programme for IT, with three-quarters of NHS organisations having worked towards readiness for electronic booking and the NHS care records service.

www. nhsconfed. org/docs/ readiness_survey. doc

3Macmillan Information Materials Guide and the Directory of Information Materials for People with Cancer provide cancer information and support for the benefit of health professionals, information officers and volunteers.

www. hfht. org/macmillan

4As service integration climbs up the agenda, the closer links between children's health and education services in London are considered in a King's Fund report.

www. kingsfund. org. uk/pdf/ Linkingchildhealtheduc. pdf

5Binley's NHS Guide winter-spring 2004 gives concise overviews on planning, funding, pay and conditions and primary and secondary care and inspection.

www. binleys. com

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