Published: 04/03/2004, Volume II4, No. 5895 Page 21

1 While lacking the defining-moment nature of its predecessor, the second Wanless report makes sobering reading for the government and those in public health, setting out challenges for the coming white paper on health improvement.

www. hm-treasury. gov. uk/ consultations_and_legislation/ wanless/consult_wanless04_ final. cfm

2 The Lancet backs away from its support from controversial research on the link between MMR and autism.Meanwhile, GP and political commentator Dr Mike Fitzpatrick attacks the 'junk science'of the MMR scare and its reporting.

http: //image. thelancet. com/ extras/statement20Feb2004web. pdfwww. spike d-online. co. uk/ Articles/0000000CA40D. htm

3 National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidance on the provision of fertility treatment www. nice. nhs. uk/CG011

4 A three-year study of the Commission of Health Improvement's inspection regime concludes that its methods and judgments were inherently flawed, but finds hope in the Commission for Health Audit and Inspection's remit.

www. kingsfund. org. uk/pdf/ CHIreportcomplete. pdf

5 CHI has published a survey of the variations in patient experience, showing less satisfaction from black and ethnic minority experience of primary care and accident and emergency.More educated people also tended to be less satisfied.

www. chi. nhs. uk/4539_survey. pdf

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