Published: 15/01/2004, Volume II4, No. 5888 Page 19

1Hansard report of the stormy Commons debate on star-ratings, sparked by revelations in HSJ .

www. publications. parliament. uk/pa/cm/cmhans rd. htm

2Figures from Cancer Research UK show that overall, 270,000 new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2000 - up 3,000 on 1999 and 14,800 on 1995 - though Scotland shows a fall on the previous year.Malignant melanoma increased by 24 per cent and breast cancer by 12 per cent over the five years, while smoking-related cancer fell in the male population.

www. cancerresearchuk. org/ news

3The National Primary and Care Trust Development Programme's Finance Friend is a guide to reforms of financial systems and their implications for primary care trusts.

www. natpact. nhs. uk/uploads/ financefriend. pdf

4The Department of Health has issued guidance on handling major incidents 'that would overwhelm any single local facility or healthcare system'. www. doh. gov. uk/epcu/ opdoctrine. htm

5Social Research Institute report from Mori shows long-term public attitudes to government performance and public services - Tony Blair's government is enjoying roughly the same popularity as Margaret Thatcher's prior to her third election win.

www. mori. com/pubinfo/rd/ sri-change. pdf Please send material to nick. edwards@emap. com marked 'five for your in-tray'