Published: 03/06/2004, Volume II4, No. 5908 Page 12 13

Christine Outram Chief executive North Central London strategic health authority

1.What is the biggest challenge your local health economy faces?

The hugely diverse and relatively transient community bring particular health needs that pose challenges for us.

Patient turnover in some areas is up to 30 per cent a year.

2.What are your current vacancy rates for consultants/GPs/nurses?

For consultants 2 per cent, GPs 6 per cent, nurses 7 per cent 3.What are your latest figures on inpatient waits?

As at the end of March this year, there was no one waiting more than nine months and there was a 45 per cent reduction in people waiting six months or less.

4.What is your financial position?

We are likely to achieve financial balance without external support.Within that some trusts have major deficits [see above], but these have been balanced out by surpluses across the health economy.

5.What is your biggest public health challenge?

The cultural diversity of the population, the deprivation in some areas of it, such as Tottenham and St Pancras.

Tuberculosis is one example.

Haringey is at the epicentre of a major outbreak of drugresistant TB, which is the biggest in Europe.