Results and recommendations from the 2008 Spokes NHS Bicycle Mileage Survey

Spokes, the NHS Cycling Network, has published a short paper, based on the first ever survey of cycling provision across the NHS.

The Spokes survey, conducted throughout February, concentrated on bicycle mileage, the expenses paid to staff who use their own bikes for business journeys. Under Agenda for Change, NHS employers are required to reimburse staff a minimum of 6.2p per mile for work journeys by bicycle. However, the survey revealed that 22 per cent of trusts currently pay less than the AfC minimum or nothing at all - whereas another 22 per cent of trusts pay more generous rates, sometimes up to 50p per mile. The remaining 56 per cent pay the bare minimum.

A new page has been added to the Spokes website with information on the survey, the paper A Free Ride? and a spreadhseet of all NHS employers showing the rates which they currently pay.