London weighting was last reviewed by the pay board in 1974. Now the Greater London Assembly has commissioned an independent panel to examine London weighting and consider how it might contribute to staff recruitment and retention in the public sector in London.

The panel welcomes comments from workers in the public and private sectors, as well as from employers affected by this issue.

Recent increases in London weighting have been dominated by the need to address recruitment and retention problems. The police, teaching and health sectors have benefited from government initiatives, but continue to face recruitment and retention difficulties.

The panel will consider a number of issues, including:

re-examining the basis of the 1974 calculations; the growth and benefit of reward packages; examining the implications for people located at the geographical boundaries; investigating any relationship between rising London weighting and increasing house prices.

The panel will consist of seven members drawn from the public, private, trade union, and academic sectors. The choice of members was intended to ensure a wide representation of the sectors affected, to enable a balanced appraisal of London weighting and the issues around it and to utilise the extensive experience of the individuals, in each of their respective fields.

The panel aims to adopt an inclusive and practical approach and ensure this is reflected in the final report's recommendations.

To make your views known contact Carmen Jack, the scrutiny officer co-ordinating the review, on 020-7983 6542 or or e-mail carmen. jack@london. gov. uk William JL Knight Chair London weighting panel Greater London Authority