Published: 21/03/2002, Volume II2, No. 5797 Page 10

NHS managers have branded the Shifting the Balance shake-up 'a reorganisation too far'. Members of Unison's senior managers sector have called for voluntary redundancy and early retirement options to be allowed, in a motion submitted this week to Unison's health group conference.

The motion welcomes the 'positive messages set out in the HR framework' for Shifting the Balance. But it adds: 'For some staff this was a reorganisation too far. . . it is not in the service's best interest to force staff into new roles to which they are not fitted.'

In a separate resolution to the conference, which will be held at the end of April, senior managers voice 'concern' at 'the speed at which primary care groups. . . have been transformed into primary care trusts', and warn of 'a serious risk' that some PCTs will be unable to deliver both the NHS modernisation agenda and good employment practice.

The conference will see a new edge to the union's annual wrangle over how far it will go in opposing the government's private finance initiative, with a series of motions condemning Unison's health service group executive for accepting the terms of three pilot projects looking at a staff secondment model for PFI.