I read with great interest Dilys Jones' feature, 'Night blindness' (25 October) concerning her experience that staff feel they are not encouraged to have ideas for helping to solve local problems.

After A Health Service of All the Talents highlighted these very issues, the Department of Health introduced the changing workforce programme to address new ways of meeting the needs of patients and staff.

The programme has designed a toolkit to help local staff at all levels be involved in changing how they work, using a simple, clear process. It takes one day, with a half-day follow-up after three months, and the toolkit is available to trusts without cost. I encourage all staff who can identify better ways of working, and who wish to be involved in improving how they work to the good of the patient and themselves, to urge their trust human resources department to make enquiries to the CWP.

Go on, live dangerously. This is your chance to make changes happen. Not many trusts will ignore the possibility of improved working at little or no cost.

The Changing Workforce Programme can be contacted on 020-7120 5733, fax 020-7210 5552, or visit www. nhs. uk/ modernnhs. cwp/welcome/ G Bennett Wimblington Cambs