The Integrated Care Network's report Adult Care Joint Ventures: aspirations, challenges and options sets out to explore radically alternative models of adult care services commissioning and provision.

The work was undertaken with four care economies - Wolverhampton, Milton Keynes, Barnsley and Portsmouth - by the Health Services Management Centre in Birmingham and was sponsored by the Integrated Care Network.

The report outlines recent developments in three policy arenas - partnership working and contestability in service provision, commissioning and procurement, and new localism. In particular, the report captures useful learning from two workshops held in 2006 to further develop these communities' plans for commissioning and providing adult care. It passes these lessons to a community of interest in which aspirations, challenges and emerging solutions may be exchanged and explored.

The report was written by Dr Tim Freeman and Professor Edward Peck with members of the health and social care communities of Barnsley, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth and Wolverhampton.

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