We may love him, but should an ex-pugilist spearhead a health campaign?

On a brighter note, are you thinking about Christmas yet? You might be up in Yorkshire, where hail and snow seem to be falling already. Elsewhere, we have to make do with the advent of this year's flu campaign to remind us there are only 122 shopping days to Christmas (starting today and including Sundays, but having bank holiday Monday off).

The early issue of this year's posters is yet another reminder of just how determined ministers are to avoid a winter crisis this year. But is Our 'Enery really the man to lead a health campaign? Yes, we all know he's popular. And that 'get your jab in first' tagline is groaningly unforgettable. But a man who made his living from boxing, a violent 'sport' that many health professionals would like to see banned? The fact that nobody paused to think beyond Sir Henry's celebrity shows the dangers of being driven by focus groups. Turkey, anyone?