The claimant: 'I couldn't have done it without [my wife]. Because of her support and because she was part of it. She lived through it with me all the time and she went through hell as well, a kind of psychological hell. She was part of the battle.'

The claimant's solicitor: 'I think there comes a point in every case where one is close to settlement and you simply have to go on while the goodwill is there. If the parties went away, the likelihood is that their positions would harden overnight.

The concessions they are prepared to make at 8pm are not the same concessions they were prepared to make at 8am.'

The defence lawyer: 'The plaintiffs didn't have to commence proceedings, the defence were able to use in-house experts and everything was brought to a head much earlier on.'

The mediator: 'You have to have somebody who is doing the work and somebody who is backstopping the position the whole time, who can tell you in the break: 'She's staring at the desk the whole time and you haven't noticed it. You've got to find out what is going on, what she is thinking about' or: 'You did it again, you know!'' From the DoH report Mediating Medical Negligence Claims