Alder Hey Children’s Foundation Trust has told HSJ it recognises consultant surgeon Edwin Jesudason as a whistleblower.

But the hospital has said it is “disappointed” by the decision of High Court judge Timothy Brennan QC who granted Mr Jesudason an injunction to stop the trust holding a panel meeting where he could have been dismissed.

The trust claims the situation which led to Wednesday’s court action is not related to the protected disclosures made by Mr Jesudason in 2009, which it says have been fully investigated.

Richard Jones, interim direction of human resources, said: “Eight surgeons in the department have raised their concerns about a breakdown in relations.

“The trust takes very seriously its duty of care towards its staff in matters such as these. Whilst these issues have in no way been detrimental to the standard of care provided to patients, they continue to cause some members of the team unwarranted stress.

“The trust has exhausted various forms of mediation but this has not been effective in resolving these conflicts.”

He said the court decision centred on the process the trust had followed and not any whistleblowing allegations.

He added: “Concerns regarding relationships in the department pre-date these protected disclosures by at least two years. Concerns raised through protected disclosures were addressed by an independent review by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2011 and the RCS concluded that the department was safe.

“The aim of the trust was and remains to resolve the expressed conflicts between members of the department and restore working relationships.”