Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 08/01/2004, Volume II4, No. 5886 Page

From thePoor Law Officers Journal , January 8, 1904

Dr Reid Rentoul of Liverpool appeals to asylum mangers in a new pamphlet that advocates means for the prevention of hereditary mental and physical degeneracy. He addresses some sound arguments to prove it would be beneficial to the country if men and women, themselves undoubtedly degenerate, be isolated from the remainder of their lives. He also turns sharply against our 'present efforts to preserve degenerates' and the work of our many philanthropic and charitable schemes to ensure the 'survival of the unfit'. He asks his readers: 'Think how nature would reduce the number of lunatics to the smallest proportion were she not so persistently and deliberately thwarted?'

From the Hospital and Social Care Journal, January 8, 1954

A report by Newcastle regional engineer Mr WH Evans says financial rewards can be reaped by authorities 'from close attention to the organisation of such important services as those of the laundry'. He says 'already in two Groups, centralised savings of£4,500 and£10,00 per annum respectively are being effected.'A serious shortage of full-time female nursing staff at Aston Hall Hospital, Nottingham, was 'temporarily eased by the recruiting of nursing assistants from France'. But 'the number of French nursing assistants on the staff is gradually dwindling, however, and more recruits are now urgently needed.'

From the Health Service Journal , January 6, 1994

Front page: Alan Langlands is announced as Sir Duncan Nichol's successor as NHS chief executive as the department of health launches a wideranging review of running costs that will hit senior civil servant posts.

In brief: The human fertilisation and embryology authority orders a report into the case of a black woman whom Bourn Hall Clinic, Oxford, has agreed to implant with an egg from a white donor amid allegations of racial engineering.