Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 15/01/2004, Volume II4, No. 5888 Page

From the Poor Law Officers' Journal , 15 January 1904 Mr Noakes and Mr Nicholls of the Bethnal Green Guardians objected to a school committee recommendation that a consumptive orphan, Louisa Hitchcock, be adopted by Mrs Charles Munger of Ladysmith and taken to South Africa.

Mr Noakes said that considering the state of the country, he would not send any daughter of his to South Africa. Mr Nicholls said they ought to consider the matter seriously before sending a girl to be a sort of slave. Chairman Mr Eickhold said Mrs Munger had been active in East End charity work, and that she had other people to do the rough work. But Mr Barnard said the Guardians should not send a poor consumptive girl to South Africa, as Christian ladies did not always treat their servants properly.

From the Health and Social Service Journal , 15 January 1954 Youth has answered the challenge and now it is up to hospital authorities to use the willing service so readily offered, says Stanley F Barry, describing the dramatic response in Cardiff to the TV Teleclub appeal to viewers under 21 to do odd jobs and personal service at their local hospital.

Advert: Hospital expenditure on buttons can be substantially reduced by specifying Dainite - the buttons that withstand constant laundering, need never be removed and will not damage the fabric.

From the Health Service Journal , 13 January 1994 Officials from the NHS Executive information management group are set to meet phone suppliers this month, to provoke a Dutch auction in a bid to cut the£30m a year bill for mobile phones and ambulance radios. IMG executive director Ray Rogers said use of cellular phones was growing.

In brief: Mersey regional health authority is the first in the country to have patients waiting no longer than 12 months for treatment.