Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 22/04/2002, Volume II4, No. 5902 Page

From thePoor Law Officers' Journal , 22April 1904

The Metropolitan Asylums Board has received a letter from 13 medical superintendents at their infections hospital protesting at a decision by the hospital commissioners to limit the quantities of coal, gas and electricity supplied to them free as part of their emoluments.

Mr Ecroyd said it was an example of the 'sort of petty persecution' that had been going on. He considered it a most undignified proceeding for the board to quibble about the amount of coal and gas consumed by the officers.

Mr WP Crooke MP said their medical officers deserved the utmost confidence and to irritate them with pin pricking about electric lighting, and a two-penny-worth of coal was beneath the dignity of the board.

From Hospital and Social Service Journal , 23 April 1954

The proper place for old people is their own individual home. Most of them do in fact live in the general community and it should be the aim of social policy at all times to ensure that as many as possible are able to do so.

As the minister of housing and local government Mr Harold Macmillan told the seventh national conference on the care of old people [that] local authorities and voluntary bodies have to study carefully the siting of homes and houses for old people, the ideal scheme being one in which small dwellings and hostels form part or are closely linked with ordinary housing schemes.

FromHealth Service Journal , 21 April 1994

Managers' leaders will tomorrow launch their toughest defence yet of claims that bosses in the reformed NHS are overpaid and pampered with perks.

The Institute of Health Services Management unveils a major new survey to rebut recent 'histrionic' attacks in members' salaries.

The IHSM says it shows the 'political and public opprobrium' heaped on them is 'undeserved and entirely misplaced'.