Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 06/05/2004, Volume II4, No. 5904 Page

From the Poor Law Officers' Journal, 6 May 1904

Brevities: The Master of the Thaives Inn Workhouse, in the City of London, has received a letter from a man in Bulawayo, enclosing a sixpence in silver, saying: 'I enclose a sixpence for lodgings. I do not like to be called a vagrant through your institutions. The casuals are very good but insults come from them.'

The Strand Guardians rejected a resolution from the Hackney Guardians protesting at plans by the hospitals committee of the Metropolitan Asylums Board to obtain a Vivisection Act licence permitting experiments on animals at the Joyce Grant Hospital.

Mr Martin, head of the Lister Institute, said he wanted to keep a few animals in the stables just to carry out a few experiments. That was all.

From Hospital and Social Service Journal, 7 May 1954

Close down nursing recruitment to all but the medical teaching hospitals and give them the responsibility for farming out the student force is the Journal's pragmatic answer to the nursing shortage.

Medical teaching hospitals 'corner the large bulk' of would-be nurses, with the result that 'not all of the rejected continue with the nursing idea'.

But if the student is given 'the cachet, real or unreal' of belonging to a particular teaching hospital, while 'it might not make the slightest difference to anybody but the girl herself, to her it would ...make a very big difference indeed'.

From The Health Service Journal, 5 May 1994

A charter standard governing the length of time patients should wait in casualty for hospital admissions is to be introduced in Wales, following reports of patients enduring up to 10-hour waits.

In a review of the issue, Welsh hospitals reported waits of between 25 minutes and four hours, but Welsh secretary John Redwood believes this can be improved.