Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 02/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5921 Page

From the Poor Law Officers' Journal , 2 September 1904

After taking advice from the Home Secretary, the King has appointed a Royal Commission 'to consider the existing methods of dealing with idiots and epileptics, and with imbecile, feeble-minded or defective persons not certified under the Lunacy Laws; and, in view of the hardships or danger resulting to such persons and the community from insufficient provision for their care, training and control, to report on the amendments in the law or other measures which should be attempted in the matter.'

From the Hospital and Social Service Journal, 3 September 1954

'An impression of the year is that there was a greater emphasis on socio-logical factors, both in the prevention of illness and in the care and after-care of those suffering with ill health, ' states Mr RL Carabine, Almoner, Derby County Borough Public Health Department, in his review of socio-medical work during 1953. It is recorded with satisfaction that 1953 was a year of great interest and steady progress, largely due to the cooperation of all concerned, both in the statutory and voluntary social services.

Every assistance has been given by the hospitals within the area whose Almoners have excelled in referring those cases most in need of care and after-care. The Authority's workers supplying social reports have reciprocated this flow of information from hospitals. Hence a sense of partnership has been developed.

From the Health Service Journal , 1 September 1994

Peace talks have been broken out between NHS Supplies and the NHS Trust Federation.

A working party comprising senior managers from both sides will 'identify areas of mutual benefits', 'increase cooperation', and engage in 'constructive dialogue'.

A scathing federation report last year accused NHS Supplies of becoming a 'national bureaucracy' and called for a widespread market testing for its services. The working party will be chaired by David Jackson, director of finance at North Middlesex, who has publicly criticised NHS Supplies' misleading financial accounts.