Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 16/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5923 Page

From the Poor Law Officers' Journal , 16 September 1904

At the Meeting of the Relief Committee of the West Ham Board of Guardians it was reported that a poor woman, who had for years been the recipient of out-door relief, desired to see the Committee.

When admitted, she laid before the chairman a sum of about£50, the exact sum of money she had received as out-door relief.

She said that she had recently come into a legacy of£200 and she thought that it would be only honest to refund the Guardians the amount she had received from them.

The Committee complimented the woman on her honesty.

From the Hospital and Social Services Journal , 17 September 1954

Not enough doctors? Too many doctors? It seems to depend to some extent on which part of the field and which grades you are looking at.

So far as general practice is concerned, the Medical Practices Committee in their fifth report put forward the view that the process of 'approaching saturation' in the total number of GPs in the service has 'been greatly accelerated'.

It has, it is stated, now become urgent that consideration at the highest level should be devoted to this matter.

From the Health Service Journal , 15 September 1994

A trust chief executive who made staff redundant as part of a£1m savings drive has brought in his unemployed wife to help him with hospital work.

A spokesman for Cheviot and Wansbeck trust, in Northumbria, confirmed John O'Brien's wife was helping to edit work on the trust's strategic direction.

But she insisted Mrs O'Brien was not being paid by the trust and had decided to give her own time to help her husband.

'This is not a case of her taking somebody else's job. It is just something she is doing to help her spouse in the way we all do.'

Unions are incensed at the move, claiming that it is wrong in principle.

Darlington MP Alan Milburn also condemned the move as 'foolish and insensitive'.