Looking back at the week's top stories - as reported by HSJ and its predecessor titles

Published: 30/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5925 Page

From the Poor Law Officers' Journal , 30 September 1904

Mr Albert Pell expressed admiration for the Jewish system of poor relief, and said he had never known a poor Jew to suffer from want of assistance from rich Jews. In fact, had never known a Jew apply for out-door relief. The alien cared well, according to his lights, for his children, and the consideration was reciprocated. The alien paid his rent. The defects of the aliens were that they were often dreadfully dirty, and cut under English workers in wages.

From the Hospital and Social Services Journal , 1 October 1954

The Hospital Management Committee chairman, Mr Maurice Hackett, directs attention to the gratifying commencement at the end of the year of three major building schemes in the Barnet Group - the Chest Clinic extension (£10,000), the new outpatient department at Barnet General Hospital (£87,000) and the new boiler house at Clare Hall (£58,000), this last being the first part of a rebuilding scheme for the older part of the hospital to cost£230,000, the ward block to be started at the end of the present year.

From the Health Service Journal , 29 September 1994

The news that Sir Duncan Nichol is to join the board of BUPA surprised but failed to shock NHS managers last week.

They rejected Labour and trade union claims that the 'inappropriate' move confirmed the government's 'hidden agenda' to privatise the NHS. BUPA announced last week that Sir Duncan, who quit his job as chief executive of the NHS management executive six months ago, was to join as a non-executive director.

The company is the leading private health insurer, with a 46 per cent share of the£1.6bn market.

NHS accused of ageism: The NHS was bound up in a culture of ageism that dated back before 1948 to the days of charity hospitals and workhouse sick wards, said Professor Grimley Evans, vice-president of the Royal College of Physicians. He said GPs failed to refer elderly people to specialist departments.