9 January 1948

Providing adequate staff to carry out the semi-domestic duties which form an essential part of ward routine would help remedy the present shortage of nurses, says the London county council's hospitals and medical services committee. By relieving nurses of tasks not strictly of a nursing character, it would be easier to attract recruits and retain them. The committee therefore proposes to increase the fixed establishment of ward orderlies by 42, to a total of 1,219. Of the new posts, 27 will be reserved for men. Before the war, only women were employed as ward orderlies. But in view of recruitment difficulties, and to add to depleted hospital staff, the committee has been employing men to a limited degree. Now it is to authorise filling up to a further 326 posts by men. The additional cost of the new posts is expected to be pounds9,200 in the current financial year, and pounds31,300 during 1948-49.

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