16 January 1948

Coventry social welfare committee is to write to the chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stafford Cripps, requesting that tobacco vouchers be made available to all men over 65 and women over 60. Currently, pensioners in Poor Law establishments, in mental hospitals, or in receipt of assistance are not entitled to the vouchers, worth 2 shillings a week. The loss of a right to a pension book involves loss of the right to tobacco vouchers for the same dates as the pension orders are withdrawn. Coventry's director of social welfare, FJ Bryan Long, has already taken up the matter with health minister Aneurin Bevan, pointing out this apparent anomaly in the Tobacco Duty (Relief for Pensioners) Regulations 1947.

Meanwhile, the medical officer of Northgate Hospital, Yarmouth, has claimed patients would benefit from ice cream. The hospital has received quotations from two firms for supplying it on a five-year contract. But the hospital superintendent is inquiring about the possibility of acquiring machinery to make ice cream on the premises before a final decision is made.