Published: 14/03/2002, Volume II2, No. 5796 Page 31

The Challenge of Hospital Acquired Infection By Karen Taylor, Rosalind Plowman and Dr Jenny Roberts

Publisher: The National Audit Office. 140 pages.£11.

In February 2000, the National Audit Office published an influential report on hospital-acquired infection.

It estimated that HAI costs the NHS£1bn and leads to the deaths of as many as 5,000 patients a year.This book provides an overview of initiatives taken in the 18 months after the report was published - including the recommendations of the Commons public accounts committee, which held hearings about it, and the government's response.

It also looks at the role of infection control teams and 'details the action those who work in hospitals can and should take to help prevent and control these infections'.

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Patient's Monies A comprehensive guide By Healthcare Financial Management Association accounting and standards committee

Publisher: Healthcare Financial Management Association. 44 pages.£30 for 1 copy,£50 for 2 copies and£15 for each additional copy.

The introduction to this Healthcare Financial Management Association booklet says that the concept of the NHS 'free at the point of use' sometimes generates a 'blind spot' when it comes to dealing with patient money and finances.The booklet is designed to provide a corrective lens.

It deals with travel costs, benefits, looking after patients'property while they are in hospital, dealing with patients unable to handle their own affairs and the financial issues relating to death.

It also includes a section on risk management on the grounds that 'if ever there was a case for the right thing not only being done but seen to be done, then this is the area'.

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