HSJ Guide To. . . what's happening in mental health services?

By Jeremy Davies Publisher: emap public sector management. ISBN: 0904677966. 64 pages.£10.99

The latest HSJ Guide To is a brief history of the UK's mental health services since the 18th century, followed by a chapter on today's service, thumbnail guides to the sector's personalities and an outline of current controversies. The closing section suggests that public attitudes have not changed as much as service delivery.A survey in March found that just one-third of young people felt it was unacceptable to call people 'schizo' or 'psycho' - half as many as felt it was unacceptable to use racist language.

Implementing NICE Guidance A practical handbook for professionals

By the National Prescribing Centre ISBN: 1857755243. 142 pages.£24.95

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence 'supported' the production of this handbook, so it comes with the weight of NICE behind it, even if the introduction insists it is 'not a formal piece of NICE guidance nor- a bible of implementation'.

Chapters cover the basics of what NICE is and how it issues guidance, and then looks at issues such as who should be involved in implementing it, how to draw up an action plan and how to monitor progress.Very basic and entirely non-technical: the bulk of each section is taken up with checklists and pro-formas.

A Handbook of Dementia Care

Edited by Caroline Cantley Publisher: Open University Press. ISBN: 0335203833. 386 pages.£25

Despite its title, this is not so much a handbook as a 'comprehensive, authoritative' guide to the state of knowledge in dementia care, with a pronounced academic and policy bias. Sections cover different theoretical perspectives, what is known about good practice and how policy, organisation and research impact on care.