Dr Ian Bogle, chair of the British Medical Association council:

'We are delighted that the government has responded so quickly to our call for a fundamental review of NHS funding. The announcement today represents a substantial step in putting the NHS on a sound, long-term funding basis.

Andy Bell, spokesman, the King's Fund: 'It will hopefully go a long way to tackle some of the deficits and deal with the most immediate problems. The important thing is whether health authorities can use the money to do the things they want to do - not things they have to bid for. '

Christine Hancock, general secretary, the Royal College of Nursing: 'This is a real opportunity - it's vital that patients and staff at the sharp end quickly begin to see the enormous difference that this investment can make. There are excellent initiatives underway, but it doesn't always feel like it in reality. We have the chance not only to end the immediate pressures but to invest now to save later and create better health services for the whole population. '

Rodney Bickerstaffe, Unison general secretary: 'This is a bountiful Budget and a springboard for investment in the future. '

Roger Kline, national secretary for health, MSF: 'What is crucial now is that this gets used in the best way for the NHS - that will mean more pay but also a reduction on pressures on staff. '