I read with interest the brief item on collaboration between Ashworth and Sheffield Hallam University to offer a degree in forensic care (News, page 4, 27 August).

This qualification will not be the only of its kind. Kneesworth House Hospital (a medium-secure facility which is part of Partnerships in Care) has joined forces with Anglia Polytechnic University to offer a degree in forensic care studies, a modular programme leading to a BSc Hons, which will start in September 1998.

Kneesworth House Hospital has a history of offering degrees to its staff, and recently had six nursing staff graduate with a BSc in professional nursing practice. A further three staff members are due to complete a negotiated forensic award with Anglia Polytechnic University at the end of this academic year.

Colin C Campbell

Training and professional development manager

Associate tutor - Anglia Polytechnic University

Kneesworth House Hospital

Royston, Herts