Christmas quiz


Noel Plumridge

1 (a). This is not to be confused with payments to consultants in the DH commercial directorate, which at around£100,000 per day cost rather more than 1 per cent of turnover.

2: (c). The takeover involved arrangements for handling Good Hope’s accumulated debt.

3. (b). The plug was pulled on the Leicester scheme, where estimated costs had escalated to an unaffordable£921 million, in July. Chief executive Peter Reading went soon afterwards.

4. a, b and c. This year’s consultation anticipates a diluted local version of payment by results for community nursing. It may still be possible to build a business case for moving to 'national currency and price' but that would require good information. And decent information on community nursing is confidently expected about the beginning of the next ice age.

5. (b). The NHS-wide clearing service was replaced by the secondary uses service, provided by British Telecom under the Connecting for Health programme. 2007-08 is its first full year. Do try and keep up.

6. (b). RAB, as it was known, had been roundly criticised by the Audit Commission for its double whammy effect.

7. (a) Look, practice based commissioning is here to stay. Is that clear?

8. (a) No less than 19.2 per cent of Dartford and Gravesham’s turnover goes on PFI charges. In 2008-09 this will cost£21.6 million.

9. Not known. But we do know, thanks to the Public Accounts Committee, that productivity actually fell by 0.5 per cent in the first year.

10. Almost certainly (c). By September the ten SHAs were already forecasting an embarrassing underspend of£1,458 million. Time to prepare those bids for non-recurrent investment…

Hilary Thomas

  1. c)
  1. b)
  1. b)
  1. c)
  1. a)
  1. a)
  1. b)
  1. b)
  1. d)

Ali Mohammed

  1. c)
  2. c)
  3. c)
  4. c)
  5. c)
  6. c)
  7. c)
  8. c)
  9. d)
  10. c)

Jon Restell

1. Unite

2. CWU (Communication WorkersUnion)

3. Chair of the BMA consultants committee

4. The FDA (First Division Association)

5. Brendan Barber

6.RoyalCollegeof Nursing, BMA andRoyalCollegeof Midwives.

7.WokingFootball Club

8. c)

9. Karen Jennings

10.Scotland,Wales,Northern Ireland

Dave Lee

1. They both amended almost identical errors in primary legislation concerning the delegation of mental health act manager powers.

2 a)

3 d)

4 Stephen Dorrell

5 c)

6 Eight

7 b)

8 b)

9 Four – Berkshire Healthcare, Cumbria Partnership, East London and the City and South Staffordshire Healthcare

10 a)