Published: 20/03/2003, Volume II3, No. 5847 Page 25

A practical approach to promoting age equality in health and social care By Ros Levenson Publisher: King's Fund. ISBN: 1857174720. 70 pages.

£15 (£7.50 for voluntary organisations).

The national service framework for older people was published in January last year.

It laid down a major challenge to health and social care organisations - to make sure they are delivering fair, high-quality and integrated services for older people.

Its first standard is to root out age discrimination. The foreword to this guide says 'this is not as simple as it sounds, since age discrimination is more often subtle than it is blatant'.

The guide itself attempts to provide a way of getting at, and eradicating, such subtle discrimination through audit. It is split into three parts: the policy context, how to gather and assess evidence and how to effect change.

All three are written in a clear, bullet-pointed format and illustrated with case studies.