The secretary of Islington Pensioners' Forum (Letters, 28 May) succinctly articulates the views of many. In questioning the building of a new hospital at Whitechapel she echoes the opinion of Howard Goodman (Letters, 26 February), although for very different reasons.

The new hospital should be farther east (again as Howard Goodman suggested) to cater for the people of Newham as well. Bart's - with facilities which the government and now the trust (after years of pretending it is nearly derelict) acknowledges are excellent - should be used to full capacity to ensure the needs of the people of the City, commuters and visitors are met. This would ease the pressure on University College Hospital, and now pervading St Mary's, Paddington, and the Whittington.

The Royal Hospitals trust has now admitted the value of the brand name of Bart's and is changing its name to include Bart's and capitalise on it.

It is time to confront reality and challenge compromises spawned out of political expediency.

We need Bart's as a fully functional hospital with accident and emergency facilities. Anything less is unacceptable.

Sheila Jones London NW3