Andrew Wall bemoans the 40 terminations of NHS chief executives' contracts in the past five years, and calls for more trust in the service ('Scapegoats in the wilderness', features, pages 26-28, 2 March).

It should not only be chief executives and other senior managers who carry the can. Board members, including non-executive directors, should also be held to account.Arguably, there has been far too little accountability in many parts of the NHS.

The rapid removal from office of the trust chair at Alder Hey took place recently, after the unhappy saga of stockpiling and loss of children's organs.As a non-executive director of two very large co-operative retail businesses - whose board members are elected to their positions of stewardship and held to account for their actions - I'm heartened by what may be small signs of a move in the right direction.

Geraint Day Swindon