Out with the bad and in with the good is the message here, says Eileen Ball

In a time of uncertainty and growing pressure to increase effectiveness, Do More Great Work will resonate in the NHS. Bungay Stanier challenges us to analyse how we divide our time:

  • Great work has impact, makes a difference and stretches both the individual and the organisation to deliver innovation. It means getting out of your comfort zone and working on challenging projects.
  • Bad work wastes time and saps energy.
  • Good work is the useful productive work of an organisation.

The reader is guided through a self review using 15 maps to stimulate a vision and plan to achieve more great work. Each map requires 15 minutes to complete, and each is followed by a series of debriefing questions designed to commit the reader to action.

Map seven, “Balancing the competing demands of your life”, offers a method to review all current tasks and projects. The result is a clear idea of where the great work sits for you and your organisation. This is followed by some practical tips on how to do the good work more effectively and say no to bad work.

This book is elegant in its simplicity; individual stories and quotes provide inspiration to “do more great work”.

Leaders in the health service will benefit from using this book to review their individual and team focus on the great work of providing outstanding healthcare in a challenging environment.

I am always rewarded when I return to these ideas for inspiration.

Eileen Ball is director of Windmill Hill Associates.


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