Taming the demands of a hectic life is within your grasp, says James Potter

Most of us focus on the tasks at hand, the burning issues, acknowledging the long list of tasks, the piles of emails in the inbox and the huge list of things we know we should have done already. But how to fit it all into a working day? And then there are all those things we rarely get time for: things like family, social life and looking after ourselves.

Any book that kicks off on the precept that time management is rubbish has got to be a good start. But it is so true: no amount of lists, electronic aids or methodologies is going to change the fact that there are 24 hours a day.

You can only focus your efforts as best you can and this is where this book can really help. It is pragmatic and practical about how to get in control, get disciplined and move forward at work and in your personal life.

Mark Forster blows apart the standard suggestions of to-do lists, prioritising and all the other sacred cows of time management, and explains why. Then he goes on to suggest what does work and how to apply it. I would recommend this to anyone who is as passionate about their work as I am, who constantly struggles to make time for the important things or feels they need some external perspective on a work/life balance.

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