Speedy guide to the three year course is great value, says Pavan Chahl

I have always been interested in understanding the key principles in management but have not had the time or inclination to spend three years studying for an MBA. I am sure many of you are in the same boat.

This is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to understand the basics of an MBA. The author has attempted to “crystallise the most important concepts” in this short book. It is also a good revision guide for those who have already done or are about to start an MBA.

As the name suggests, The 10-Day MBA is divided into 10 chapters. It focuses on nine disciplines taught on most MBA courses and has an additional chapter that includes mini-courses on topics such as negotiating and international business.

The book covers topics from marketing, accounting and finance to more qualitative topics such as strategy and organisational behaviour. The chapters on organisational behaviour, operation, strategy and especially the mini-courses are likely to appeal to anyone working in a large organisation.

This is a concise, well written book that is short on jargon, the contents are well organised and it covers a large number of topics in just over 400 pages. Considering the breadth of subjects and the clarity with which it is presented it offers great value for money. If as a clinician you are interested in management it is a good book to have on your desk at work.

It is no substitute for an MBA but it will help you form links between your day-to-day work and the key principles of management.

Dr Pavan Chahl is a locum consultant psychiatrist in Solihull.


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