These tips help you negotiate the early months in a new job, says Richard Vize

If you want to maximise your chances of success in a new job - and minimise the chances of wrecking your arrival through a basic error - read this book.

Michael Watkins aims to help new leaders get to grips with their role quickly and effectively so after 90 days they are contributing to their employer’s success.

He helps leaders tackle issues such as making the mental break from your old job, learning about the culture, strengths and weaknesses of your new workplace, developing a strong working relationship with your boss, building coalitions to help you deliver and “avoiding landmines”.

The process is broken down into 10 steps, each with its own checklist. There is no complex theory. Instead it provides a framework for feeling your way through those early weeks as you extend your understanding, build relationships, create space for yourself, agree your goals and start to deliver.

In his chapter on early wins, Watkins guides the reader towards clocking up quick successes to secure team buy-in and build momentum, while ensuring these wins are right for the culture, will impress the boss and will lay the groundwork for your strategic goals. Just as an early win can be the bedrock of long term success, a quick defeat can be the beginning of the end.

The First 90 Days provides the reader with one more invaluable service - it reminds you that occasionally feeling daunted and overwhelmed is all part of taking on a tough job.

Richard Vize is head of communications at Ofsted and a former editor of HSJ.


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