This book shows how online interaction boosts business, says Samantha Allen

When I told my colleague about this book he replied, “wiki what?” If like him you are not a techno geek I recommend Wikinomics.

The notion is based on openness, peer sharing and adding value

The book describes how businesses can benefit from mass online collaboration to innovate faster, cut costs and co-create with consumers and staff.

The notion is based on openness, peer sharing and adding value. Each of these principles, alongside the seven models business can apply for mass collaboration, is covered in detail.

Practical examples are given on how people and organisations around the world are using these to drive innovation in their workplace, communities and industries.

All the examples demonstrate how the consumer adds the greatest value to a business and how companies are harnessing this.

Mass collaboration is not for everyone and you have to plan how you go about it and what you are willing to share. It certainly challenges the notion of competition and the behaviours driven through development of a competitive marketplace but it explains how competition can exist alongside openness and collaboration.

The book concludes by describing the design phase any organisation considering wikinomics needs to go through.

Web 2.0 is driving change on a global level, with the internet providing a platform for global participation. For NHS managers and leaders Wikinomics is a book you just can’t ignore.

Samantha Allen is project director at Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust.


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