Published: 02/12/2004, Volume II4, No. 5934 Page 40

Making it in British Medicine

International recruitment of medical staff is not without controversy - or dangers for all parties if it is not organised properly. This book gives 'essential guidance' for those doctors thinking of moving to the UK.

Radcliffe, ISBN 1-85775-875-7,£21.95

Leading Interprofessional Teams in Health and Social Care

Sometimes it seems that there are more models of leaderships than leaders. This book by Vivien Martin and Anita Rogers looks at perspectives on change and redesign in different types of teams covering acute primary care and mental health environments. As is the vogue it relies heavily on 'narrative case studies', in other words, very long quotes.

Routledge, ISBN 0-415-30794-5,£19.99

Games for Legendary Awaydays

The book has details of 33 distinct activities for team events, as well as advice about achieving a variety of objectives. There are sections on cultural diversity and equal opportunities.

Gower, ISBN 0-566-08606-9,£55