Published: 17/03/2005, Volume II5, No. 5947 Page 34

Skills for Communicating with Patients

Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine

Radcliffe Publishing

The authors' previous study into communication, in 1998, is seen by some in the medical profession as groundbreaking. Rather than focus on idealism and belief - as most studies did - it evaluated evidence-based guidelines.

These books make for interesting reading as they update these findings, but also take account of changes in the medical profession over the last six years.

The Inner Consultation

The Inner Apprentice

Radcliffe Publishing

These books help navigate around the choppy waters of clinical consultations and vocational training. Building on research carried out 17 years ago for the first editions, the study on consultation argues that curiosity is a requirement for patient-centred consulting and includes a practical consultation model with five checkpoints.

It also gives advice for doctors to develop their knowledge in consultation.

The Inner Apprentice gives general advice and questions assumptions about the relevance of awareness-based teaching in contemporary vocational training.

Demonstrating your Competence 4: Respiratory Disease, Mental Health, Diabetes, Dermatology . Demonstrating your Competence 5: Substance Abuse, Palliative Care, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Prescribing Practice

Radcliffe Publishing

These guides help doctors work to the standard expected by the General Medical Council. They are aimed at GPs with clinical interests, and look at practical ways to identify learning and service needs.

Guidance is provided on data collection to demonstrate learning competence, performance, and service delivery standards.