Published: 05/02/2004, Volume II4, No. 5891 Page 35

A Manager's Guide to Leadership (McGraw-Hill Business) The follow-up to A Manager's Guide to Self Development is an active guide to leadership. Detailed, practical advice, such as the book's 21 challenges of leadership, addresses the situations most pertinent to today's leaders. Discriminating between managers and leaders, it emphasises that organisations need leaders at all levels and adopts a clear coaching style that aims to empower individuals with potential anywhere in the food chain.

By The Skin of Our Teeth (Middlesex University Press) Clive Morton's third book takes a holistic view of success, questioning directors and chief executives from a wide variety of large organisations, public sector bodies and voluntary organisations. His conclusion is that only those companies that prioritise sustainability by building effective communities around their organisation will thrive in an uncertain global climate.

Work-Based Learning in Primary Care (Radcliffe Medical Press) Having spent most of their careers combining clinical practice with educational work, editors Jonathan Burton and Neil Jackson use this book to describe what and how people learn at work, and how they could turn that learning into improving their performance. By recognising the necessarily creative, spontaneous nature of much work-based learning in primary care teams, the book avoids imposing too many straitjacketed ideas on a fluid process.